Thien Pham B.M., B.A., M.A.

Director | MISLanguage Academy & Pre-U

“To be a lifelong learner and teacher. And to use my gifts, grace, grit, and gratitude to serve, inspire, and make a significant difference.”


Helen Morcillo Docksey B.A., Cert., M.A.

Academic Manager & Language Teacher | MISLanguage Academy & Pre-U

“As a passionate multidisciplinary educator, I am delighted to be part of the Metropolitan International School family, and look forward to meeting all my new students very soon!.”


Maria Josefina Gregoris B.A.

Spanish & English Language Teacher | MISLanguage Academy & Pre-U

„The uniqueness of students is what makes the classroom such an enriching place, where cultures, traditions and personalities merge to form an imperfectly perfect place. I’m thrilled to be part of such an amazing team that strives to ensure success in language learning!“



“I began my lessons with Thien after I already passed my B2 German exam and felt that I am lacking a general understanding of several grammar topics. Thien was able to explain grammar to me in a straight forward and dynamic way. Being a good educator means listening to the needs and concerns of the student and Thien does so very well, and I must add that he does so with great patience! After I discovered I enjoy the B2-C1course at the Academy, I also started another German course for doctors. Thien put together a program for me that is helping me prepare for my professional language test, which I find is productive and upbeat. I recommend The Language Academy to those wanting to learn a language effectively!“
Alisa R
"Helen encouraged me to speak slower and to take my time pronouncing words. In no time at all I started to feel more confident. Explanations in books (or those of other teachers), which up until then had made no or little sense, suddenly became clear. Helen helped enormously because she intuitively seemed to know what I was trying to say in English and helped me with the translation into Spanish"
Janet H