Expand your business or project in a newly refurbished post-war modernist building designed to inspire creativity and success.

We are situated in the beautiful historical location of Turley Barracks in Mannheim. A new urban developing area which includes housing, professional and research, and cultural projects. 

We are already known as the new So-Ho Turley!

Join our dynamic and energetic community, meet likeminded talented people, and develop your enterprise from this fantastic stylish location with great community development. Set on the 4th floor of our building, our spaces are full of personality and feature areas that encourage creativity and productivity. Our spaces are adaptable to a variety of industries and welcome innovative workshops, projects, freelancers, small businesses and much more.

Whatever the nature of your business or project, you will find a perfect modern space within our stunning building.

Share our space with us!

Contact us now to arrange a viewing or to request further information.